Two sizes up Part 2 .....

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

So here's the two x two year old girls's cardy and vest. I decided to make one a little waistcoat/vest ...

Just loving these buttons!

And then the other one a little capped sleeve cardy. The brief was no long sleeves on any of these so they could wear skivvies under them and it makes sense when you consider a. they're toddlers and rush around a lot and b. the mild winter we had last year and are abviously heading towards this year.

I thought I was being smart and rather than casting off the raglan sleeves and back, I kept the stitches on holders but then ended up with real mess when it came to knitting the yoke !!! Next time - and there will be a next time as I think this will look divine in a 0-3 month size - I will at least sew up the raglan edges ...


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