Devonport Craft Market first birthday this Sunday!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I can't believe it's been a year since the first craft market! I remember well that first Sunday ... feeling so apprehensive and such a newby! I'd had a dummy run at home laying out all my beanies, mannequin heads etc. on the dining room table but it still look me ages to set up on the day. Now I seem to do it with one hand tied behind my back! Although having said that, I may be minus a right index finger's help this weekend!

I got hassled (nicely) a couple of weeks ago by some dear friends as their son, Ollie, had just about outgrown his baby beanie and they were wondering if the beanie fairy might be producing a new larger one for this winter ... well, here's Ollie and his new beanie.


No knitting .......... :(

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I cannot knit
I feel adrift
My hands are empty

And I can't think of a rhyme for the end line .....

But it's true, I can't knit and as other knitters will know, it feels like losing part of you!! I had a little operation on my right index finger a week ago and it's out of action for a few more days yet.

Isabella has been keeping me company on the bed and couch over the last few days ...


Boxes of wool everywhere!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Eddie, Isabella and I live in an old, very compact (real estate agent word for small!) 2 bedroom cottage and I'm constantly looking for places to keep not just my wool but also my completed bits and bobs. Thank goodness I don't make large items or we'd really be in trouble.

So here's a little photo essay .....


Devonport Craft Market

Sunday, April 11, 2010

We had a fantastic market yesterday. Such a beautiful day and we had heaps of people through. So many so I initially thought there was a cruise ship in but it must have been just the mixture of a beautiful day and school holidays.

Notice the subtle placement of my can of Diet Coke on my table! Plus I managed to pop a beanie on Steph from Liberty Lane's gorgeous 3 month old .. isn't he cute!

Many thanks again for the two Sarah's for organising another fabulous day.


Devonport Craft Market

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Looking forward to the market at Devonport this Sunday. It's a fantastic market and well worth a visit. This market started in May last year and other than a break over the summer (for obvious reasons!), I've been fortunate to have a stall each month.

Cross fingers for cold weather .... last year it was so cold one Sunday I even sold a beanie to an outside stall holder.

See you all at the market!


Some general thoughts on knitting

Monday, April 5, 2010

I was thinking at the weekend - while I was knitting of course - that knitting is such a fantastic hobby as it's so portable. And that started me making a list of all the strange and not so strange places I've knitted.

* perched half way up a steep hill in Wellington watching my brother compete in a hill climb

* in the car and on the sand at various surfing beaches around Wellington, Gisborne and New Plymouth - venues courtesy of my first serious boyfriend

* numerous motor racing events at Manfeild and Pukekohe watching said brother compete

* on the old Kelstrel ferry that ran between Devonport and Auckland city - the trip took about 25 mins each way so you could get a lot of knitting done. Then Fullers upgraded to the quicker boats and it's barely 12 mins now - not nearly as productive a trip

* in the car on family trips when I could get away with it, my mother being of the opinion that a knitting needle would be extremely dangerous in the unlikely event of us having an accident

* in a motel in Kerikeri where we were stuck for 2 days with absolutely foul weather.
I was on holiday with my Mum and Dad and she and I knitted away happily while Poppa read ...

* walking arouind the house knitting when I was in the 3rd form as my best friend Anne Peterson and I had an on going competition to see how many inches we had knitted the night before


Easter - Chocolate and knitting

I should have taken a photo of our one and only very very large Easter bunny which we shared - he was very smart, with a green spotted ribbon around his neck, and made totally from dark chocolate other than his two white teeth. Eddie adores milk chocolate but I can't stand it so I very selfishly bought a dark one knowing that we'd be sharing.

As I said, it was very large and I have no desire to eat chocolate again since we demolished it in what seems to have been a very short period of time on Sat night while watching a movie.

P.S. It was made by Bennetts of Mangawhai and I can highly recommend them!!

So apart from chocolate demolishing, a spot of gardening, a trip to Tauranga to see my brother and some wool shopping, I also did some knitting - how unusual ......

I made a bit of a booboo colourwise and started knitting this lovely pinky/light mauve ribbon yarn with dark purple - wrong, wrong wrong - they did absolutely nothing for each other and I ended up undoing it all and starting again with a lilac colour base - so much better ... So I knitted a creamy one as well.


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