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Monday, April 5, 2010

I was thinking at the weekend - while I was knitting of course - that knitting is such a fantastic hobby as it's so portable. And that started me making a list of all the strange and not so strange places I've knitted.

* perched half way up a steep hill in Wellington watching my brother compete in a hill climb

* in the car and on the sand at various surfing beaches around Wellington, Gisborne and New Plymouth - venues courtesy of my first serious boyfriend

* numerous motor racing events at Manfeild and Pukekohe watching said brother compete

* on the old Kelstrel ferry that ran between Devonport and Auckland city - the trip took about 25 mins each way so you could get a lot of knitting done. Then Fullers upgraded to the quicker boats and it's barely 12 mins now - not nearly as productive a trip

* in the car on family trips when I could get away with it, my mother being of the opinion that a knitting needle would be extremely dangerous in the unlikely event of us having an accident

* in a motel in Kerikeri where we were stuck for 2 days with absolutely foul weather.
I was on holiday with my Mum and Dad and she and I knitted away happily while Poppa read ...

* walking arouind the house knitting when I was in the 3rd form as my best friend Anne Peterson and I had an on going competition to see how many inches we had knitted the night before


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