Hearts and butterflies ...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Just look at this potato!!

I know I have a heart wall ... but a heart potato? And I just can't bring myself to cook it!

Last year we planted some swan plants to help the monarch butterflies but the whole experience was distressing as the paper wasps ate the caterpillars and sometimes left a half of one on the plant etc... so this year we decided not to plant any. So what happens? Of course we then got little seedlings pop up all over the place and ended up with a couple of fat caterpillars which I only noticed last week. They then cocooned at the weekend and although we're having a really mild autumn, I suspect the outcome of such a late chryalis stage will not be good. Watch this space!

I had another funky beanie order this week and the brief was to include favourite colours such as black, white, pink, silver and purple which was great as I just love these colours. It's always hard for me to work with colours I don't like much - like beige ...

Madam Issie has recovered from her roof experience and has spent this week doing what she does best.


Shannon Olson June 1, 2011 at 12:54 AM  

That heart potato is so cute, I don't think I could eat it either.

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