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Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'm about to knit a scarf using a new yarn called Triana. It will knit up to look like this - yes I did buy the red, rather than the blue! Just looking at the yarn and reading the band, it looks like you pull it downwards, find the skinniest looped strands at the top and use those to knit with - should be interesting!

In the meantime I've re-knitted the "spaghetti sauce ruined" back of my little gray yoke/surplice newborn cardy and finished that and made a little pink one as well...
They're designed to pop over the top of a skivvy and they look really good!

And the last word is of course from Issie, who cares nothing about ruined knitting, unruined knitting, new yarn or anything like that - she only cares about strategic placement inside mohair blankies ...


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