Miserable weather equals more knitting time!

Monday, June 7, 2010

What utterly miserable weather we've been having. My heart sank when I heard the forecast on Sat night as of course it was the Devonport Craft Market on Sunday and it dawned wet and horrid.

I didn't think to throw a towel into the car to wipe down my bins once we'd got them into the hall so I had to use my jacket instead! I say "we" got the bins in from the car but I actually stayed inside while my darling went backwards and forwards getting wetter and wetter!

But for such a miserable day we had heaps more people through than I'd thought we would and I sold more than I expected which was a lovely bonus. The market has such a wonderful atmosphere, even with the foul weather and some of the girls arriving looking like drowned rats...

I bought some lovely merino wool from Fran at Wild and Woolly a couple of weeks ago and there's a particular plum colour that I fell in love with so started knitting a beanie based on that with some greys and pinks. Finished it on Sat night in time to pop on my stall on Sunday but I can't show you the end result as it sold before I could take a photo of it! But here's the work in progress ...

I've made a scarf to match the black and gold glittery beanie I finished last week.

And finally here's proof that Isabella, the amazing mohair blanket sleeper, does actually venture outside sometimes - although she could have chosen the chair that didn't have bird poop on it.

Happy knitting!


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