A messy knitting week ....

Sunday, June 27, 2010

This last week has been very messy. When I finish the actual knitting part of my latest project, I almost always do whatever finishing is needed at the time but for some reason over the last couple of weeks, I've left unsewn up bootees, beanies with ends to be sewn in (and that's a major when it's a multi coloured one), buttons to be added etc., etc.

So last week and some of the weekend was taken up with that - very, very tedious and something I'll try never to have happen again! Somewhere in the middle of it all I managed to start a new multi coloured beanie, as between last month's craft market and selling a couple online, I had none of these pretty ones left. And this time I am sewing the ends in as I go ..............

As you can see no room left on the couch for the husband !!!!

Aren't the camellia's just lovely at the moment? Last year I popped a white one in a blue glass bowl and put it next to the hand basin in the bathroom. Somehow the feline member of the family found it and decided that even though she had to nudge the flower out of the way with her nose, it was the most perfect bowl in the whole wide world to drink water out of. If the bowl was removed, she would sit up on the vanity waiting for one of her human slaves to replace it. So now, winter or summer, the blue glass bowl sits on the vanity ....

And speaking of the feline family member, here's her mohair blanket quality checking from yesterday - yes, somewhere in there is a rather chubby tortie cat.


Cotton Kiwi June 27, 2010 at 6:36 PM  

I wish I could curl up in a mohair blanket today! Full of a horrible cold. Yeuch!
Looking forward to seeing all your goodies on Sunday.

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