Winter, glorious winter ...

Thursday, June 30, 2011

I can't believe where the year is going - half way through it already.

I've been busy knitting (unusual eh!)- not only a couple of orders but also the on- going never ending stocking up for this Sunday's market.

My little vests always sell really well. They're great for babies as you can pop them on over a little skivvy and they get warmth around their chests, plus of course they're easy to slip on and off !!

Sometimes I think it's the buttons that make the sale. I just love these train ones...

Last month at the market I had a couple of potential customers ask if I had a gender neutral vest as the baby hadn't been born yet and of course I didn't. No sale :(

Mind you if I had one of every different size/colour/gender/age group that I get asked for I'd need 3 or 4 tables !!! Anyway I'm knitting a couple of cream ones but then have the button dilemna - do I go for colourful fun ones, or traditional brown/cream ones ... Maybe one of each I think.

Normally Issie van Prehn stars at the end of my blogs and this one is no exception. I'd like to say that she is behaving according to the season but truth to tell she finds a mohair blanket summer or winter.


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