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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I. can. not. believe. it. Half way thru June today !@#$% And the red camellia is in bloom again.

I've had a frantic five or so weeks busy completing orders and also rushing to replace stock for the Queens Birthday market - which was great by the way, thanks again Sarah and Sarah.

One of my friends ordered a couple of beanie and mitten sets and because she is the proud owner of 4 of my beanies already, I did a sample board for her to choose wool and textures from - and it worked really well.

I failed to take a photo of the finished pink set but take it from me, it looked great - I had trouble with the contrast colour she choose as it's 12ply and I discovered last year that to keep the form and shape of this pattern, you need at least 2/3rd's of the wool to be 8ply. Plus the 12ply didn't really stand out so in the end I used it every 8 rows as a purl row on the right side and the finished pattern was so good I'll use it again.

That main cerise colour is so gorgeous - it's a Touch wool - pure merino. And speaking of their wool, has anyone noticed their 4ply is nothing like their 8ply? The DK is just so beautiful and soft and a joy to knit with whereas to me the 4ply is nowhere near as soft and doesn't knit up as nicely. Fran at Wild and Woolly here in Devonport mentioned that they advise customers that it knits up like a 3ply. Very disappointing.

Did you know I love interior decorating almost as much as I love knitting? Although if you asked Eddie he'd say I loved it more considering the number of house programmes on the Living channel that he has to put up with!
I love the look of this bedroom - so simple and fresh.

And the last word as usual is from Issie, the amazing mohair blanket cat ...


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