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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Last week I matched (as far as I could, given I was buying yarn a 1/4 of the price of this Debbie Bliss range) these colours to more affordable wool and happily made a newborn beanie which looks TERRIBLE ... So terrible in fact that I can't bring myself to take a photo of it. I suspect it's the way I used the colours and rather than changing colour every 1st or 2nd row, I think I need to use the base reds, pinks etc, for 4 rows or so and then every now and then have one of the stronger colours just for one row. So there's a few more hours of fiddling around to be done there.

In the meantime I grabbed the beautiful cerise Touch merino and made a beanie and bootee set, using some gorgeous little rosebuds I had stashed away and I popped a narrow green stripe every few rows on the beanie. The reason I'm describing it rather than just putting up a photo is because I didn't bother taking one (even though I was heading to the Devonport Craft Market yesterday) as I doubted whether it would sell quickly, being such a strong colour for a newborn. Eddie said it would and that it would be the first to go and guess what, he was right !!! This is all I have left .....

Also sold my little charcoal baby cardy which happened to have one of my favourite buttons on it - hard to see from this photo but it's a beautiful dark grey mother of pearl shell base with heart shapes etched into it. I love it when these strong coloured baby items sell.

Last word from Isabella who, as you can see, cares nothing for my knitting quandaries as long as she has her tennis ball!


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