Bootees, bootees and more bootees

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I've been knitting bootees for 2 weeks .... a couple of orders to fill and just when I thought I'd finished I realise I need to make some more of the triangle ones for the Devonport market next weekend ... I'll be bootee'd out soon!

While I really don't enjoy the sewing up process of knitting - and these are a bit fiddly and not good for slightly arthritic fingers - I just love choosing the buttons/flowers part. Sourcing lovely buttons is a challenge as they tend to be really expensive. The little boat type bootees that I sell for $10 become a bit unrealistic if the buttons are $2 each!!

Issie thought the cold and yucky weather was over

and ventured out from the security and warmth of the blankies but no guesses as to where she'll be this weekend!

Happy knitting!!!


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