How I long for summer...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Words I never ever thought I would be saying considering how much I love winter and how cold orientated most of my knitting is. However like everyone, I too am sick of the changeable weather - you dust off the summer sandels and dresses and go prancing out one day in all your spring finery only to be back in the winter drabness the next.

Have just finished a little cardy for a friend's baby - just a little something to slip over his shoulders while the mornings and nights are still a little chilly. I wanted to use garter stitch and amended the pattern appropriately but then worried the whole time I was knitting it as I thought it looked too big - silly me as it fits perfectly! And he looks gorgeous in it - the red is perfect for his colouring as he's quite olivey. I think I get so used to tiny little bootees and beanies that anything bigger just looks huge.

Isabella wasn't sure whether to attack or do roly poly's so she did both - multi talented that one ..


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