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Sunday, October 10, 2010

It's very, very unusual for me to have unfinished projects on the go but as you can see, I've excelled myself. So far I have half a pair of bootees, an unsewn up pair of men's fingerless gloves destined for England, ditto the pink pair of mitts, plus other versions of the mitts still being knitted, let alone sewn up... This represents about half of my "stuff" to be done/finished.

Among the items I had finished are these bootees using my now favourite pattern but it wasn't until I had them out on the bench ready to take photo's that I realised there was something wrong with the pink ones .....

It's a bit hard to tell from these photo's but they are different wools and colours !!@#$% So 2 more bootees to be added to the "to do" pile.

However I did manage to finish these little ones to go in my Felt shop.

This 'now it's spring and now it's not' weather has completely confused our darling Issie. This weekend she hedged her bets with half of her on the blankie and half not ...


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