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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Yesterday was such a beautiful day in Devonport it was very, very hard to pick up my needles and knit !!!

However I had to as I'm still knitting away on my secret squirrel pressie which may take another couple of weeks so more to come on this soon ... And in the meantime I'm finishing off a couple of little presents for a friend whose first baby is due in five weeks.

Had to do a close up of the buttons as they're so cute.

I'll knit a matching beanie for these little pumpkin bootees - and I've also finished a little fair isle newborn beanie and bootees ...

Check out this neat riibon I found at Ike's in Devonport - they also have a pink version and yes, my friend is having a boy!!!

And here's Isabella - taking time out from her mohair blankie quality control job to check the height of the magazine piles.


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