Goodbye dresser ....

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We've had this dresser for the last 16 years and we're not sure why!   In our last house we had a built-in one in the kitchen which took a lot of our plates, big bowls etc. and I guess we just naturally thought we couldn't do without it and bought this one when we moved into our little cottage.

Turns out we didn't really need it (Murphy's law of course!) as this kitchen has way more cupboards than our old one so the dresser has sat there for all these years and, as you can see from this photo, has been in the way for all these years .... There's a very small "corridor" of space between it and the couch when walking into the bathroom and yes, our bathroom is straight off the living room! !@#$

It also became a collecting place for containers of buttons, half finished bits and bobs, needles, wool, tape measures and on and on ...

So after much discussion our beautiful recycled kauri dresser found a new home and in came these brilliant shelves - spaces for knick knacks, books, candles and best of all, wicker baskets for all my knitting mess ....  And space to walk into the bathroom without dipping to the right to avoid the dresser edge ...Bliss ....


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