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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I'm just finishing an order for beanies for a 4 year old boy and his two sisters - 5 ish and 6 ish. My only brief was to have some black in the boy's one and purple and pinks in the girls ....

Hopefully they'll like them .... When I get an order through Felt or from someone at the Devonport Craft Market at least I know they've seen my work and know what it looks like - and presumably like it as they're ordering! - but when it's an out of the blue word of mouth order I do worry a bit.

As soon as I finish them it will be straight back into replenishing stock for the next market. I had a run on my little vests last weekend which was great then but now it's replacement time and all I really want to do is start a gorgeous new pattern I found last week. However I have, have, have to do the vests first as I do this every month ... knit all these lovely new things and one week out from the market go into total panic mode when I realise how much catch up knitting is left to do! So vests it is ...

Here's Issie deciding whether to explore that big wide world out there ..


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