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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Here's my "to do" list for my 3 week Xmas holiday:

1. Weed the garden
2. Read the house/home magazines that I skimmed through most of the year
3. Look into getting a bee hive for the garden
4. Do some gardening, rather than just looking at the weeds
5. Buy a market umbrella to replace the one that was half broken
6. Stop knitting baby girl items and start knitting some boy ones
7. Knit some toys - essential for mid season and summer markets
8. Make beautiful salads
9. Make some different meals - did you know that most people have only 8 dishes
they cook regularly? Go on, count them up - and be honest!

Here's what did happen ...

1. Didn't do
2. Did
3. Didn't do
4. Did
5. Didn't do
6. Didn't do - knitted more baby girl cardy's !@#$%
7. Bought the fibre for stuffing but didn't knit the toys!
8. Did - including one with couscous, pine nuts, basil, feta and raspberries .. yum
9. Did

Had this vision of multi coloured flowers around the bottom of a little cardy .. but once finished they looked all wrong so I unpicked the whole border and made cream and pink ones. The border at the back has gone a bit stretchy because of the unpicking and resewing but that's the joy of a hand knitted one off garment - isn't it ???


Sandra Waine January 17, 2011 at 8:47 PM  

Hey Glennie - I love your little flower cardy. I can relate to your "list", where does the time go?

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